Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Little K’s Creations was born on a dream, a vision that this mom could do what she loved while spending her time with her two incredible children. That dream has transformed over the last 4 years into something more than I could have ever imagined. With a lot of long hours and complete support from loved ones, Little K’s is what it is today. A place where creativity, imagination and a lot of love create the perfect unique gift for any occasion. Our custom tumblers are stainless steel exceptional quality and all handmade, unique and one of a kind. We strive to create the perfect tumbler for any occasion. Our pillows are incredible with vibrant colours that create the perfect accent piece for all to talk about. They are not only beautiful, but we have a wide range of themes, funny sayings, quotes and sentimental pieces that there really is something for everyone.  Little K’s has grown from that kitchen table dream, to being a part of 4 retail stores and now our very own stand alone website! I would like to thank everyone who’s supported my business over the years. Every order, every like, comment, DM, share, all of it - means so much to me! Let's see where we can go from here!